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Nidhoggr Hand Carved Viking Hand Axe



Nidhoggr Hand Carved Viking Hand Axe. Silver eyes, High carbon Steel Head, Perfect Wood and Leather.


Nidhoggr is the dread dragon which lives in the roots of Yggdrasil, in the realm of the dishonored undead ruled by Hel, daughter of Loki. There he eats corpses, and will one day fly the dead to Midgard to fight again on the day of Ragnarok. May wielding this axe remind you of the awful power of this fearsome dragon.


Hardness of the highcarbon steel (1566, G15660, 1066- USA, Ck67- Europe) 56-57 by Rockwell (HRC).

Zoning hardening.

It’s more than enough to hew a hard kinds of wood.


Wood for handle- Ash or Beech.

It’s hand-covered by the patina on natural basement and impregnated and covered by tung oil.

Five wedges with two additional spile in places of crossing wedges were used.

This type fixing increases the reliability of joint and provide the long period of comfort exploitation of the tool.


Length- 18” (46cm)

Weight- 2 lbs (950 g)


Blade Length- 7″ (18 cm)



Axe+Sheath ($149.80)


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